How Much Do You Know About ESSA? Take the EdWeek Market Brief Quiz

A Fun Way for K-12 Businesses to Test Their Grasp of the Sweeping Law

Managing Editor

Test your knowledge of the sweeping new federal education law by taking the EdWeek Market Brief quiz.

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If you’re an education company and you’re either just getting to know, or supremely confident in your grasp of, the sweeping Every Student Succeeds Act, here’s a way to test your knowledge: take EdWeek Market Brief’s ESSA quiz!

Without giving too much away, the basics of the law are this: It leaves many of the core testing-and-accountability pieces of its predecessor, No Child Left Behind, largely intact.

But the law also grants states and districts much more flexibility in spending and educational strategy, creates new standards for “evidence” needed to use federal funds for school priorities, and makes other changes that carry potentially huge implications for K-12 businesses who work in technology and other areas.

Our quiz will test your knowledge on those fronts, and others. Look for a second, follow-up ESSA quiz that we’ll be rolling out shortly.

And EdWeek Market Brief subscribers looking to fill in the blanks on ESSA should turn to our extensive coverage of the law and its meaning for companies. You can also check out our past and upcoming webinar presentations on the topic.

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