Video: Two-Minute Tip Breaking Down K-12 Needs for Social-Emotional Learning Products

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In this Two-Minute Tip, EdWeek Market Brief Senior Editor Sean Cavanagh talks about districts’ biggest demands for social-emotional learning products.

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School districts across the country have become intensely focused on social-emotional learning — basically, the idea of trying to help students build skills in areas such as communication, collaboration, resilience, self-management, and problem-solving. And they’re looking for K-12 companies to deliver products, services, and strategies to help them.

There are a lot of reasons for educators’ surge of interest in the topic. Focusing on students’ well-being is seen as a necessary counter-balance to the prevailing focus on testing and accountability, for one. And there’s a growing awareness of the importance of creating healthy school climates and helping students develop skills that will support them in life beyond school.

In this Two-Minute Tip, EdWeek Market Brief Senior Editor Sean Cavanagh discusses the kinds of products and services districts are demanding from vendors, and how the private sector should be responding.

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