Two-Minute Tip: Education Company CEOs on Their Keys to Productivity

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Education Companies' Tips to Productivity

In this video, EdWeek Market Brief’s Michele Molnar breaks down what she’s learned about  how education company executives organize their time and manage competing demands.

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In this video, EdWeek Market Brief Associate Editor Michele Molnar breaks down what education company executives say about their keys to productivity, and how they manage the “fire hose” of competing demands they face.

The Two-Minute Tip is one of a series of videos offering advice to company officials on how to improve their work and the products they deliver to schools. It’s based on a story Michele wrote in which she interviewed nine executives of education businesses of different sizesincluding Curriculum Associates, Classcraft, Declara, Allovue, among othersabout how they try to drive their own productivity, and that of the people they work with.

Those executives talked about the importance of taking breaks, getting in the right mindset to be productive, and company leaders recognizing their own weaknesses and setting aside time to take them on.

Check out the full video below.

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