Video: Two-Minute Tip on Creating Pilot Projects That Impress K-12 Districts

EdWeek Market Brief’s Michelle Davis talks in this video about the mistakes vendors make during pilot tests of products, and how they can be avoided.

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Pilot projects can be a great way to get your foot in the door with K-12 schools and districts. These small-scale initiatives can impress educators and prove that your product will engage students and move the needle on student achievement. But that’s only if the pilot is executed successfully—and that’s no sure thing.

Too many vendors fail to provide the necessary support for the educators who use their products during pilots, making it less likely the tools will be implemented with fidelity. Sometimes educators and companies don’t take the time to talk about goals for the project and how to determine whether those goals are met.

In this Two-Minute Tip, EdWeek Marketbrief Senior Writer Michelle Davis takes vendors through steps that will increase the likelihood that your pilot project hits the mark with districts, and keeps you in the running for a larger-scale school or district contract.

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