Blended Learning Barriers Examined in New Education Week Report

Managing Editor


“Blended learning” is everywhere these days—but it can look very different, depending on the individual district, school, or teacher trying to put it in place.

In a new special report, Education Week examines some of the trickiest barriers and unresolved questions schools face in trying to implement blended learning—defined in simple terms as combining tech-based lessons with some form of more traditional, teacher-led instruction without digital tools.

Many of the stories profile individual districts and schools attempting to try improve teaching and learning with blended learning, and circumventing barriers they face with technology and classroom practice as they go.

Here’s breakdown of the coverage you’ll find:

Many of the challenges facing these districts and schools will probably resonate among readers facing similar questions. Other articles could provide K-12 officials with ideas of strategies to try—and pitfalls to avoid.

Photo: At the Intrinsic Schools’ first permanent campus, in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood in Chicago, students rotate through interconnected classrooms, or “pods,” where space is laid out with different instructional strategies in mind.

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