Calling All Cutting-Edge District Leaders, EdWeek Wants to Profile You

Given the widespread changes going on in education and the importance policymakers put on new ideas and forward-looking practice, district leaders that run their schools creatively and successfully can become mini-celebrities within the sector.

Arne Duncan parlayed his run as chief executive officer of Chicago Public Schools into a job as U.S. secretary of education. On a smaller scale, Mark Edwards, who used technology to transform the cash-strapped Mooresville, N.C., into a state leader, is now cited regularly by educators looking to the future. Federal programs like the new Race to the Top for school districts and the Investing in Innovation fund, and private funds, like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Next Generation Learning Challenge, have cropped up to support experimentation and creativity at the district level.

Education Week wants to highlight the next group of creative, effective leaders. We are looking for readers to submit nominees who have spearheaded a specific initiative that has brought measurable results to be profiled in a a special report called “Leaders to Learn From,” that will run in February of next year.

Please send your nomination and an explanation of why this person would be worth profiling, using the form below.

We’ll be reviewing nominations over the next few months, and soliciting more from education experts, state school administrator groups, education writers, and other outside observers, before making our final profile selections. For more information about the project, email Assistant Managing Editor Debra Viadero.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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