Check Out Education Week’s Dispatches From the GSV ‘Innovation’ Summit

Managing Editor

This is just a heads-up to say that I’ll be on the scene, along with my colleague Katie Ash, covering the ASU/GSV Education Innovation Summit, a major education-business gathering scheduled to kick off on Monday, April 15.

The conference, which is being held in Scottsdale, Ariz., brings together education entrepreneurs, investors, and all kinds of companies who do business with schools, among others. The event offers a long lineup of speakers from the K-12 and business spheres, panel discussions, and other forums.

You can read our coverage here on the Marketplace K-12 blog, where we write about business and innovation topics, as well as on the Digital Education blog, which focuses on school technology issues.

When you’re not reading our posts, check out our tweets at @EdWeekSCavanagh and @EWKatieAsh.

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