Digital Curriculum Provider Weld North Rebranded Under Imagine Learning Name

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One of the largest K-12 digital curriculum providers in the U.S. is rebranding itself to use the name of its well-known product Imagine Learning.

The former Weld North Education, which started as an investment group in 2010, is bringing together all of its products under the new, single brand, the company announced Nov. 1. Those products include Edgenuity, Learn Zillion, Study Sync and Twig Education.

The company says the move will allow it to create more forward-thinking education solutions, with a goal to “ignite learning breakthroughs.” It follows a series of acquisitions Weld North has made over the past few years, targeting digital core classroom curriculum.

The rebrand will also come with a new website and a larger focus on social-emotional learning, the company said.

“Unifying under the Imagine Learning brand will make our products and services more accessible and simpler to access and understand for educators, families, and students,” CEO Jonathan Grayer said in a statement. “We will continue to create new products and features that will propel each student’s growth and save educators time,”

Grayer built his reputation as an ambitious executive with an eye for acquisition as the former CEO of Kaplan. He’s credited with guiding the postsecondary and test prep company from an $80-million operation to producing an estimated $2.3 billion in revenue when he left in 2008.

Since then, Grayer has said he’s interested in building a company that can create transformational change for K-12 education. In 2019 he told EdWeek Market Brief his goal was to create curriculum that combines real-time assessment and data analytics to be responsive to students’ individual needs.

“Digital curriculum, or computer-based learning, had been around for decades … but they’d all been relegated to kind of supplemental or intervention uses,” Grayer said in 2019. “By improving the quality of that experience, we would move closer to being the providers of initial credit, or what was then called ‘core curriculum.'”

“Our hope was that by doing that, we could change the way kids learn, and teachers teach, in more directions, through the power of technology.”

Imagine Learning, the digital supplemental curriculum and interventions solutions provider, was one of two businesses around which Weld North was built more than a decade ago, the other being online curriculum and interventions provider Edgenuity. The company’s portfolio now also includes digital-first core curriculum providers for multiple subjects, including science and English.

All of the company’s current products and services, which combined serve more than 10 million students across 7,500 school districts, will remain available.

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