Ed Week Webinar Examines How Districts Select Chief Tech Officers

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By guest blogger Sean Cavanagh

While they can go by many titles, there’s no mistaking that the folks charged with overseeing technology in school districts are being forced to juggle a lot of challenging demands these days.

Those duties include making sure schools can handle the tech load posed by many digital devices in use in schools, ensuring that their systems are ready for online tests, and perhaps most of all, making sure all the gadgetry actually serves its educational purpose in the classroom.

Given those needs, what are the essential skills that a district tech manager needs, and how can districts find the right person for the job? On Thursday, Nov. 7 at 2-3 p.m. ET, Education Week will host a webinar meant to provide school officials with answers and ideas. You can register here for the event, titled “What Districts Need in a CTO.”

Presenters include Keith Krueger, CEO of the Consortium for School Networking, which represents district technology officials around the country; and Jeremy Shorr, the director of educational technology and curricular innovation for the Mentor Public Schools in Ohio.

And for a broader perspective on school leadership in the digital age, see Education Week‘s recent special report, “Managing the Digital District,” which examines the challenges facing schools on many levels.

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