Education, Inc. Looks to Impress Educators at ISTE

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What stands out immediately for the first-time visitor about the ISTE conference is its size—18,000-attendees strong, by last year’s count, and potentially poised to grow. Having so many school officials in attendance means one thing: This event is swarming with education companies trying to find buyers receptive to what they’re selling.Live_ISTE-slug.gif

You see it everywhere. Advertisements, logos, and promos plaster the Georgia World Congress Center, where the event is being held. But the unquestioned nerve center for product pitches is the center’s exhibit hall, several football fields or aircraft hangars worth of glossy displays, banners, booths, and platforms.

This reporter took a journey into the dizzying heart of the ISTE education marketplace and lived to create a video of what he saw:

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  1. Yet, we continue to fall behind in education in the US? What’s the solution? Dear God, Welcome Back to School.

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