EdWeek Market Brief to Share Need-to-Know Insights at ASU GSV Conference

EdWeek Market Brief will be at the ASU GSV conference in San Diego, Calif. next week, sharing insights and data about the latest trends in the K-12 market and outlining successful sales strategies and how to  navigate the district purchasing process.

In addition, EdWeek Market Brief will moderate a panel on social-emotional learning and what types of products districts are looking for.

In six separate briefings at ASU GSV EdWeek Market Brief experts will unveil original, not-yet=released market research and outline successful strategies to help you get into the purchasing mindset of district leaders. You must sign up for these briefings (see signup below) and space is extremely limited: we want to keep these gatherings smallso you can ask questions and interact with us and with the other executives in the room.

All briefings will take place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, Seaport Tower, Suite 778.  Sign up quickly to reserve your spot. And if you want to know more about what an EdWeek Market Brief membership can do for your organization, please click here to schedule a meeting.

Briefing 1: 7 Hot Trends in the K-12 Market That Companies Need to Watch

Presented by Kevin Bushweller, Executive Editor, EdWeek Market Brief

Using exclusive survey data and reporting from EdWeek Market BriefKevin will analyze state and local education spending, technology advances in schools, the surging demand for social-emotional learning products and services, the implications of artificial intelligence, educators’ growing appetite for data, how the Every Student Succeeds Act is shaping K-12 buying, and opportunities in international markets. Please select a date and time to attend:

Briefing 2: Navigating the District Buyer Journey + K-12 Marketing Benchmarks
Presented by Ben Delaney-Winn, General Manager, Education Week

This session—designed for education company executives, entrepreneurs, and other K-12 product, strategy, marketing, and sales leaders—will dive into the latest findings from Education Week’s annual survey of 500+ district leaders, 1000+ principals, and 1100+ teachers. Attendees will learn about up-at-night issues, purchasing drivers, perceptions of vendors, content marketing guidance, buying team influence, and more. We’ll also share the latest highlights from our annual survey of 100+ K-12 marketing executives. Please select a date and time to attend:

Briefing 3: The Killer Mistakes Companies Make in Selling to School Districts
Presented by Sean Cavanagh , Senior Editor, EdWeek Market Brief

Many K-12 companies make unforced errors that jeopardize their efforts to build relationships with districts that lead to lasting business deals. In this private briefing, Sean draws from exclusive surveys of

district decisionmakers and original reporting to lay out the biggest mistakes education businesses make—in sales and overall strategy—and how they can be avoided. This session will offer company officials and investors insights on what district officials want from vendors—and what they definitely don’t want. Please select a date and time to attend:

Briefing 4: Exclusive Data to Shape Your Thinking on the K-12 Sector
Presented by Holly Kurtz, Director, Education Week Research Center
Are you making the right moves in the K-12 market? Check your decisions against our data, drawn from EdWeek Market Brief’s exclusive, ongoing surveys of K-12 district administrators across the country.  Research Center Director Holly Kurtz, Ph.D., will break down insights drawn from those surveys, including:
  • What’s more important to educators, evidence of effectiveness or cost?
  • What kind of data do district leaders really want?
  • What type of teacher feedback makes or breaks your odds of success with district leaders?
  • How will district leaders spend their federal Title IV funds?
Please select a date and time to attend:

Briefing 5: Why Technology Is Not Transforming Teaching
Presented by Kevin Bushweller, Executive Editor, EdWeek Market Brief

Public schools spend billions on technology and digital content, yet ed tech has failed to noticeably impact instructional strategy in the classroom. What steps should schools and education companies take to change that reality? We will present some of our findings from our own reporting and research, as well as outside studies on the subject. Please select a date and time to attend:

In addition, Sean Cavanagh will be moderating a panel at 10 a.m. on April 9 about social-emotional learning, and what K-12 districts are demanding from the market in that area.

The panelists for the discussion are Rob Jagers, the vice-president of CASEL, a leading research organization on social-emotional learning issues; Andrea Lovanhill, the vice president of marketing and client relations for the Committee for Children; Denise Herrmann, the superintendent of the Roseville Joint Union High School District, in California, and Ron Goldman, the founder and CEO of the company Kognito.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you at ASU GSV.

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