Greetings, From Marketplace K-12

Welcome to the Marketplace K-12 blog, Education Week’s newest foray into covering the education industry and the new ideas that are changing it. Here you’ll find posts on how businesses are affecting education: for-profit school operators, corporate-backed education, the publishing industry, the fast-moving world of education start-ups and more. And you’ll find coverage of the latest innovations in education: the most thought-provoking research, the newest technology, the most interesting school models and surely lots more yet to be unveiled.

Marketplace K-12 will join coverage of the “Industry and Innovation” of education, ongoing in the weekly edition of our newspaper, and a slew of upcoming features based on this topic. The private sector’s growing involvement in education, as technology advances and budgets crunch, is an emerging and important issue that requires scrutiny. It’s also one that brings a lot of strong opinions. So we’ll address some touchy subjects here and give voice to those strong opinions, but ultimately the goal is to inform and to analyze the facts. (And we’ll try to do so with as little edu-speak and wonkiness as possible.)

But in addition to informing our readers, we need our readers to inform us. What should we cover that we aren’t? What’s going on at the state and district level that we’re missing? More importantly, what do you think? Tell us in the comments, via email or on social media. News tips are very welcome.

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