K-12 Dealmaking: Carnegie Learning, Clever Partner to Reduce Time Spent on Data Management

By guest blogger Kevin Connors

Password overload is real. By some accounts, the average person has more than six unique online passwords, and while remembering one or two is easy, recalling eight or nine can be quite the challenge.K-12_Dealmaking.gif

Now, Carnegie Learning, a publisher of online math tools and consumable textbooks, and Clever, a data management company that works with 30,000 schools in the U.S., are combining to bring teachers and administrators some password relief.

In this partnership, Clever’s Instant Login single sign-on system will be linked with Carnegie Learning’s MATHia and Cognitive Tutor software programs, as well as student information systems for districts that utilize Carnegie’s math tools.

“By implementing Clever and Instant Login, students and teachers can spend more classroom time learning, and reduce the time that teachers and administrators spend on data management,” Clever CEO Tyler Bosmeny said in a statement.

The idea is that a single sign-on saves time and frustration for instructors who juggle several online accounts each day, and syncing to a district’s student information system offers teachers and administrators greater access to real-time student enrollment and reporting.

Perhaps in response to a wave of recent student-data-privacy legislation across the country, officials from both Clever and Carnegie Learning emphasized that their respective systems are safe and secure, as student information is “100 percent controlled by the school district.”

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