More Charter Schools in Hot Water, Facing Closure

Yesterday I wrote about the potential closing of six charter schools in St. Louis, and the allegations of financial mismanagement leveled against the schools’ management organization. It’s the latest in a recent string of controversies involving charter school management organizations and their finances.

Add two more to that list.

Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Philadelphia school district’s charter office is recommending Truebright Science Academy Charter School not be renewed due to poor performance. Truebright is part of a network of 130 schools run by Turkish businessmen and scientists that is under federal investigation for allegedly requiring teachers to donate part of their salaries to a Muslim movement connected with the schools, the Inquirer reported last year. Truebright officials have denied the allegations and defended the school’s academics. A vote on the school is scheduled for Thursday night.

And the Miami Herald reports that the Miami-Dade School Board voted to close Balere Language Academy, a charter school facing foreclosure and $229,000 in debt. An April 10 Herald report outlines cost-cutting measures that included holding a class in a wooden shed, a questionable lease arrangement with an entity connected to the school’s nonprofit management organization, and a risqué party held at the school.

However, the school showed drastic academic improvements last year.

Balere officials have not decided on an appeal, the Herald reports.

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