Rethink Education With New EdWeek Blog From Investors

We’ve made a habit of launching things here at Education Week lately. Just a couple weeks ago, we launched a new web channel, Industry & Innovation, to cover the business of education and new models of learning. This week we launched a new opinion blog, Reimagining K-12, that will add to that coverage.

The blog is written by Matt Greenfield and Tom Segal, a director and analyst, respectively, with Rethink Education, a venture fund focused exclusively on the growing number of education-technology startups.


The firm’s portfolio includes emerging ed-tech companies like the popular online grade book Engrade and the blended-learning consultant group Education Elements.

Greenfield (pictured left) is a well-known figure in the education-investing community, which he joined after helping start three technology companies, two of which were acquired. Segal (right) is an analyst at Seavest Capital Partners, the venture capital arm of Seavest Inc., an investment firm that Rethink Education is affiliated with. If it appears there could be too much financial wonkery, fear not. Both Greenfield and Segal are former English majors, and there is exactly one reference to Theodor Geisel in the blog’s first two posts.

Reimagining K-12 will include their own thoughts and guest posts on how technology is changing education, investing trends during a time of incredible activity in the industry, and startups making an impact in the classroom. For an early sampling, read Matt’s inaugural post on the boom of investment into ed tech and whether it is creating a dangerous bubble, or Tom’s post on how next-generation learning can help serve the economic and employment needs of our country.

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