Educators, Experts Discuss Tech Titans Special Report in Twitter Chat

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EdWeek Market Brief hosted a Twitter chat this week, delving into the data behind the Tech Titans K-12 special report.

Reporters and researchers discussed the report’s findings and answered questions about Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft’s battle for the future of the K-12 market.

The chat featured two Education Week experts: Sean Cavanagh, a senior editor for EdWeek Market Brief who reported the Tech Titans special feature; and Holly Yettick, director of the Education Week Research Center, who led the nationwide survey on educators’ tech use and preferences and analyzed the findings for the data report. EdWeek Market Brief senior writer Michelle Davis moderated the chat.

The Market Brief team explored the reasons for Google’s dominance in the school ed-tech market, Microsoft’s efforts to regain a competitive edge, and Amazon’s movement into cloud storage and purchasing platforms.

Educators joined the conversation, identifying praise and critiques for tech options. Software and hardware products often shape the way they teach, they said, for better and for worse. Devices can open up new opportunities for collaboration and communication, but at the same time, incompatibilities between different companies’ tools can sometimes restrict access to content. And some educators are wary of student data privacy.

See below for a recap of chat highlights and main takeaways, and use the hashtag #TechTitansChat to read the chat in full.

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