Tom Vander Ark’s Blog on Education Innovation Joins

Perhaps you have already noticed, but we have a new opinion blog at, “Vander Ark on Innovation.” The blog is written by, you guessed it, Tom Vander Ark, the founder of Getting Smart, an advocacy organization that publishes a blog, website, and a book of the same name.

He is also the director of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, CEO of Open Education Solutions, a blended-learning service provider, and Learn Capital, an education venture capital firm. Previously he worked as executive director of education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, served as a school district superintendent, and attempted, though unsuccessfully, to head a group of charter schools. He is also very tall.

vander_large.JPGNow that you know all of his various endeavors, head over to the blog to read his thoughts on how new practices, technologies, and approaches to education can change the way students learn. We’ve quoted Vander Ark in a number of Education Week articles and blog posts on topics like automated essay scoring, venture capital in education, and accountability for education technology.

So far, Vander Ark, and a slew of guest bloggers, have written about a new report on venture capital money in education, an online high school graduation, and other topics. In an introductory post titled, “What I Believe Right Now,” Vander Ark writes, “I’m less interested in stale reform debates and more interested in the potential of innovation to boost achievement and extend equity.”

As is clear by the comments on that post, the conversation around these topics is vibrant and, at times, heated. We welcome you to join in.

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