Schools Promote Earlier Acquisition of Computer Coding Skills

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Teaching K-12 students to code is gaining traction in classrooms around the country, according to a recent Education Week Digital Directions article by Michelle Davis. The trend translates into students’ better understanding of math and contributes to their higher-order thinking skills, while preparing some to consider a career path that offers many openings. This trend will be the topic of a live chat with Michelle on Friday, July 12 at 2 p.m. ET.

2 thoughts on “Schools Promote Earlier Acquisition of Computer Coding Skills

  1. Here, teachers may be willing to take the time to teach a more complex instruction set so that students can make more expressive programs. At the most basic level, simply adding branches and loops significantly augments the types of problems students can approach. At the more advanced level, techniques like recursion empower students to solve almost any simple programming problem. The challenge for the teacher in this situation is to find the appropriate set of features for the level of students they are addressing.

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