Webinar: What Ed-Tech Companies Need to Get Right With Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence—simulating intelligent behavior using machines—is being welcomed in some circles. It’s maligned in others. Across the education landscape, AI is sometimes regarded with skepticism by K-12 leaders.

Yet AI is growing in influence, and ed-tech companies need to keep up with its potential impact.

In Belgium, 700 schools that are part of the Flemish, government-run school system have reached an agreement to implement an AI learning platform developed by Century Tech. AI is gaining ground in language education, assessment, and gesture recognition in online classrooms, according to one recent study. And new guidelines are being developed about what K-12 students should know about AI.

An EdWeek Market Brief webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 2 p.m. EDT will tackle what ed-tech companies need to grasp about AI as it makes its way into K-12 education.

Our guest speakers will be:

  • Andreas Oranje, general manager in the ETS Research Division;
  • Thierry Karsenti, a University of Montreal professor who is researching AI’s role in education; and
  • Michelle Zimmerman, an educational leader who wrote a book on teaching AI in schools.

Whether they’re using AI to enhance their own products—or marketing the technology to district clients—companies will have to know how to answer the critical questions educational leaders will have for them. Our webinar will point companies to avenues for those answers. Learn more and register here.

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