Webinar: K-12 Companies’ Guide to the International Private School Market

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ISC Research

It’s a market with more than 5 million students, roughly 9,500 schools and money to spend. International private schools are popular throughout much of Asia, the Middle East, and other regions–and their numbers are growing.

On Jan. 15 at noon EST, EdWeek Market Brief will host a webinar meant to give companies and other organizations tips on what these schools want from vendors, and where schools’ demand is headed.

I’ll be moderating the discussion, and I’ll be joined by a pair of guests who have worked closely with these schools, and with companies trying to serve them.

The first is Diane Glass, the commercial director of ISC Research, a British organization that studies the international school market. She’ll be joined by George Debakey, the principal of Debakey International, who has worked closely with companies in helping them understand the products and services that international schools want.

As we’ve reported for EdWeek Market Brief, many of these schools in China, India, the Middle East, and other countries and regions have distinct needs for curriculum, assessment, ed tech, STEM, and many other resources. We’ll explore those demands, and take questions from the audience.

You can sign up here.

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