What Will 2018 Bring to the K-12 Market? Webinar Tells You What to Expect

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Change is in the wind for public and private schools. Exactly how will those winds shape purchasers’ decisions?

That’s the topic we’ll delve into during our EdWeek Market Brief webinar on January 11, at 11 a.m., ET.

Our guests will be Ben Davis, the senior market analyst for education at Futuresource Consulting LLC, a London-based market research firm, and Adam Newman, co-founder and managing partner at Tyton Partners, a Boston, Mass.- and Stamford, Ct.-based advisory firm that provides business consulting services to K-12 companies.

Davis describes a “battle brewing” in data analytics for schools, and plans to cover the adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality in the classroom, as well as the impact of open education resources in K-12.

Newman will discuss the convergence of curriculum and assessment models, which is raising questions about how companies can meet the needs of schools and how this trend will influence mergers and acquisitions. He also plans to talk about how early childhood education is emerging as an opportunity.

Another area we’ll cover is personalized learning. As schools move more deeply into personalized learning, their leaders will be looking for software and other services to target teaching to students’ individual academic strengths and weaknesses, and even their personal interests.

I’m looking forward to moderating this deep dive into these topics—and more—on Jan. 11 at 1 p.m. EST. Register here for “Predictions for the K-12 Market in 2018—and Beyond” to help prepare you for what’s ahead in K-12.

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