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Guest post by Swaroop Raju, co-founder of eduCanon

Every minute, 300 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube. That translates into a total repository of over 1.2 billion YouTube videos. In other words, way too many videos for the average time-strapped teacher to sort through. Sure, there is YouTube Education as a stepping stone to a more reasonable collection of videos to navigate, but even YouTube Education’s list is too far-reaching and not fine-grained enough to serve as a guide to finding the next classroom lesson.

As a start-up you determine your next product line by interviewing your users and diving into the pain points they experience every day. We’ve interviewed hundreds of the master teachers that use eduCanon and we found one common thread interwoven among the educators we talked to: it takes far too long to find a video online. That is why we recently launched our “video channels.” We analyzed the 300,000+ video lessons built on eduCanon, and dissected each and every YouTube channel for rigor and breadth of learning objectives covered. The end result is a curated list of YouTube channels sorted by subject and effectiveness.

Our goal with these channels is to help you find the right YouTube video to plug and play into your classroom. Below, we thought we’d share a sampling of the top YouTube channels our analysis uncovered for each subject:


  • Bozeman Science: Bozemanscience is maintained by Paul Andersen, a science teacher in Bozeman, Mont. He has created hundreds of science videos that have been viewed millions of times by students and teachers around the world.
  • Amoeba Sisters: High-energy and concise, animated videos covering biology and AP biology concepts.
  • TED-Ed: TED-Ed’s library of TED-Ed animations are built by collaborations between talented educators and animators. The videos are well-produced and their collection is expanding rapidly.


  • FlocabularyYT: Flocabulary’s tagline is “Educational Hip-Hop to Revolutionize the Classroom.” While  their educational music videos cover a variety of topics, you’ll find great English video lessons on this channel covering topics such as figurative language and vocabulary.
  • Disney Educational Productions: A sampling of the reservoir of educational videos that Disney produces. A few of my favorites are the Schoolhouse rock video they have publicly available on YouTube.
  • The Bazillions: This channel is geared towards early elementary students and features high-energy live performances on topics such as prepositions, similes, and metaphors.


  • Khan Academy: You’ve probably heard of Khan Academy by now. His videos are forever free and cover nearly every K12 math learning objective.
  • Math Antics:  Math Antics videos don’t cover as many topics as Khan, but their videos are certainly more engaging. Currently their videos cover arithmetic, fractions, geometry, percentages, and algebra.
  • Math Meeting: Math Meeting videos are built by a formal civil engineer and current math tutor. His topics are geared more towards middle to high school level students (algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics).

Social Studies

  • Crash Course: These videos are fast-paced, engaging, and cover both U.S. and World History. They also offer a science and economics channel.
  • History Channel: Many of the award-winning original, non-fiction series and specials that the History Channel produces are found on their YouTube channel.

Foreign Languages

  • Señor Jordan (Spanish): Youtube channel led by Señor Jordan, a middle and high school Spanish teacher based in Missouri. There are over 600 Spanish videos on his channel so chances are you’ll find the right video for you here.

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