Talk to the Startup Bloggers on Twitter

Guest post by Michelle R. Davis, senior writer for Education Week Digital Directions

Have you ever wanted to take a tool you’ve created in your classroom to the marketplace? Do you have an idea for an ed-tech startup, but don’t know how to get funding for your venture? What are the best strategies for marketing ed-tech products to schools and districts?

In our upcoming Education Week Twitter chat scheduled for 8 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, you can ask the Startup bloggers all of these questions and more. Find out whether the school district procurement process really is as hard to navigate as it seems, if it’s smart to recruit a partner, or whether trading equity for support through an incubator or accelerator makes sense.

Betty Hsu, co-founder of online vocabulary improvement company ProfessorWord; Will Morris, the CEO of online teacher-coaching venture EdConnective; and Swaroop Raju co-founder of eduCanon, a video production platform for educators, will all be ready to field your questions about creating products and launching startups in the education world. You can talk to them directly about their experiences in the classroom, in the product development phase, and what they’re doing now. I’ll be there to moderate the discussion. Use the hashtag #EWedchat to ask a question and follow the discussion. See you there!

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