EdWeek Market Brief brings you and your team actionable intelligence about the marketplace of K-12 education. Created for both providers of education products and services and school district leaders, Market Brief’s original reporting, deep analysis and proprietary, data-driven research focuses on school district purchasing and the companies and products serving K-12 education. Market Brief is creating a more informed and transparent marketplace for both product buyers and sellers.

Education Week has provided thorough and thoughtful analysis of K-12 policies, practice and research for more than 25 years. Now, with an expanded team of reporters and business researchers, EdWeek Market Brief is bringing smarter and better informed decision making to the marketplace of education, with the goal of increasing student learning and achievement.

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Market Trends – In-depth analysis of challenges and opportunities

K-12 Insider – Exclusive interviews with school leaders on hot topics

Exclusive Data – Actionable data from surveys and research

Purchasing Alert – Tracking RFPs and contracts awarded

Analyst’s View – Advice on trends to watch from market experts

Fundamentals – Advice on trends to watch from market experts

Marketplace K-12 Blog – News developments in the education industry

The Startup Blog – Ed-tech entrepreneurs chart their efforts



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