Member Benefits

Your entire organization will benefit from the K-12 business intelligence service, EdWeek Market Brief. You’ll have proprietary research, trends and analysis, and insider insights focused on the K-12 marketplace at your fingertips. Whether you are developing strategy, compiling research, or determining next steps for a sales call, EdWeek Market Brief will be the go-to resource for your team, arming you with a searchable website, downloadable data, monthly webinars, quarterly briefings, and more.

Proprietary Research and Data

  • Helps you answer questions about the state of K-12
  • Gives you data to back up your story
  • Identifies trends in procurement, product development, and implementation
  • Points out areas of opportunity

Analysis of Trends

  • Allows you to see where markets for products and services are heading
  • Flags pitfalls to avoid
  • Provides direction for internal strategies
  • Highlights shifts in the competitive landscape and global markets
  • Brings you deeper with quarterly virtual briefings on the state of the K-12 industry
  • Showcases the most interesting RFPs

Insider Insight

  • Gives you information straight from the customer
  • Shows the best ways to bring your products and services to market
  • Arms sales people with the right talking points
  • Teaches what types of marketing matter most, and how your customers approach purchasing

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