What Companies Need to Know About Working in International Private Schools

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EdWeek Market Brief's Jan. 26 webinar focuses on what education companies need to know about the international private school market.

International private schools – which serve nearly 6 million students on some 12,000 campuses in countries across the world – have expanded dramatically in recent years.

Many education companies want to introduce their products and services to this booming market – but they aren’t sure how to do it. In EdWeek Market Brief’s webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 26, we’ll lead a discussion with three experts who bring deep insights on what international private schools want from vendors, where those schools’ demands are heading, and mistakes for education companies to avoid.

Our three guests are:

  • Diane Glass, commercial director of ISC Research, who will present data on the changing product demands of international schools and how they make buying decisions;
  • Arno Krug, CEO of Maple Bear, one of the world’s largest international private school operators, on what its schools expect from the companies it works with; and
  • Jorge Navarro, vice president of strategic relationships at Curriculum Associates, who brings years of experience working with international schools and in global markets.

Attendees will come away with key insights and research on how trends in ed tech, remote learning, classroom assessment, social-emotional learning, staffing, and other areas are shaping international school demands; as well as how the pandemic, and changes in government policy in countries like China have altered the landscape.

They’ll also get advice from insiders who know international schools, know their staff, and have worked with companies trying to navigate the critical market.

The webinar, “Keys to Finding Success in the International Private School Market,” is free to EdWeek Market Brief members. You can register here.

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