Exclusive EdWeek Market Brief Report: District Leaders Rate the K-12 Marketplace

Nationally Representative Survey Tracks Curriculum and Assessment Preferences, Brand Awareness

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EdWeek Market Brief, Research Revealing the Most Recommended Products in K-12

Which curriculum and assessment products are the most widely used in the nation’s school districts?

And what are the K-12 companies that district leaders are most likely to recommend to their peers?

A newly released special report by EdWeek Market Brief seeks to answer those questions, through a nationally representative survey of nearly 700 district administrators from around the country. The report, titled “District Leaders Rate the K-12 Marketplace,” includes an in-depth story analyzing the results and two research briefs breaking down the findings in detail.

The special report is available only to EdWeek Market Brief’s enterprise members. More information about accessing the report can be found here.

The report dissects the market from a number of angles:

  • It offers a deep-dive story that looks at which curriculum products in math and English/language arts at various grade spans, and which assessment providers, district officials say are used most often in their school systems.  The story also explains which companies those administrators say they are willing to tout to their friends and colleagues. In addition, the story offers context that helps explain the findings and how vendors across the K-12 space should interpret them.
  • It provides a detailed research brief, written by Education Week Research Director Holly Yettick, explaining the curriculum and assessment results and the methodology behind those findings. It also dissects survey results showing that administrators are broadly dissatisfied with many of the available offerings — potentially leaving an opening for new players in the market.
  • And it includes a second research brief that breaks down “Net Promoter Scores” and brand awareness for companies across the K-12 space. Net Promoter Scores are brand loyalty measures that show how willing administrators are to recommend a provider to a friend or colleague.

The coverage is just the latest data-driven analysis of the K-12 market from EdWeek Market Brief, which regularly publishes survey data, deep-dive journalistic analyses, and interviews with industry insiders and key decisionmakers in schools.

Our goal is to provide K-12 companies with insights on the needs and priorities of school districts. Look for a lot more analysis from EdWeek Market Brief in the weeks and months to come.

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