Startups Aren’t Just About #Winning Moments

Not every moment at a startup is the kind announced on Facebook or Twitter followed by “#winning.”

phelps[1].jpgSome of the relatively ordinary sounding things that I have done in the past few days:

  • Book flights for January conference
  • Review sales pipeline
  • Design and deploy new feature announcement email sent to users
  • Collect examples of how large sites implement a feature we need
  • Code business expenses from December for accountant
  • Dispute charge with credit card company
  • Follow up with prospective strategic partners
  • Finalize list of business indicators to include in an automated report
  • Help re-prioritize engineering queue to address newly urgent issues
  • Run payroll
  • Call state tax department about an error
  • Monthly check-in with accountant
  • Reserve hotel rooms for March conference
  • Discuss and rename sales pipeline stages
  • Review implementation of business indicators report
  • Meet with CEO of another company
  • Get the mail
  • Answer support emails
  • Hold meeting to discuss presentation for January conference
  • Get bids for t-shirt printing costs
  • Report a software bug to engineering
  • Schedule meetings with prospective partners
  • Research costs for exhibit displays at March conference
  • Discuss ongoing development of a new feature with engineering

I guess this list is a friendly reminder that there are a lot of moments in between the headline-setting, gold-medal moments.

Photo credit: 1600 Report

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