Early Stage Ed-Tech Companies On the Rise Focusing on Communications, Collaboration

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What early-stage education technology companies are on the upswing?

The market research firm CB Insights has come out with a list of 15 emerging players to watch in the digital education arena, a list compiled based on factors such as those businesses’ strength in picking up recent investment, traction within their space in the market, industry sentiment, web traffic, hiring, and the attention they’ve picked up through social media and news coverage.

A perusal of the list of early-stage companies underscores the prevailing interest in K-12 circles in several areas. One is the strong appetite for tools and platforms that help teachers engage students and provide educators and students with customized content.

But there’s also an increasing focus among district officials in streamlining communication between schools and communities–particularly parents–via technology–through all means of electronic and instantaneous communication. Tech companies are responding to that demand.

Here’s CB Insight’s list:

  1. Examity — a remote test-proctoring service that can be customized to school needs.
  2. Raise.me — a platform that allows students to pick up “micro-scholarships” based on achievement in high school.
  3. brightwheel — a platform that describes itself as an “all in one solution to manage your school, childcare, or camp.”
  4. Teachable — platform that allows instructors to created online content and earn money.
  5. Snapask — a platform for students seeking live help from online tutors based at universities in Asia.
  6. Kiddom — a collaborative platform designed to help teachers and students work together.
  7. MyTutor — tutoring service that pairs students needing help with students or recent graduates of universities in the U.K.
  8. Holberton School — an alternative program to train software engineers.
  9. Viridis Learning — a talent-management company that connects community college students to employers.
  10. Zzish — describes itself as a “data-driven education app platform” that provides teacher dashboards that can integrate with apps.
  11. Gamelearn — a developer of video games for the training of managerial skills.
  12. Outschool — bills itself as a “marketplace of live online classes for K-12 children,” taught by independent teachers.
  13. BookNook — a platform that syncs devices to a shared library of texts and curriculum.
  14. Mystery Science — offers video science lessons targeted for elementary students.
  15. Testbook — a company that provides students with test-preparation in engineering and other areas.

Some of the emerging ed-tech companies are focused on the postsecondary world, while others are squarely rooted in the pre-college space. They’re based all over the globe, not only the United States, but also India (Testbook), Spain (Gamelearn), the U.K. (MyTutor, Zzish), and Hong Kong (Snapask).

CB Insights, based in New York, produces market research based on data it derives and then crunches from a variety of sources, including VC filings, mergers and acquisitions, and other relevant information. It aims to provide clients studying various sectors (not just education) with information rooted in “probability not punditry.”

In the case of the early-stage ed-tech companies, CB Insights says it ranked them based on metrics such as their recent fundraising, as well as a quantitative framework the market research firm created known as Mosaic.

That framework measures the health and potential for growth of businesses based on a group of considerations such as financial history, and investor quality; “momentum,” as measured by social media, news mentions, web traffic; and factors such as hiring, exit activity, and sentiment within the industry. The selection of the companies is based solely on the fundraising data and Mosaic analysis, CB Insights told Marketplace K-12.

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