EdWeek Market Brief Webinar: How ESSA Is Shaping K-12 District Purchasing

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ESSA EdWeek Webinar

The Every Student Succeeds Act has had an array of implications for state and district behavior in the three years since it was signed into law.

But how is the massive federal law shaping district purchasing, and what does this mean for companies and other organizations in the K-12 market? 

On Nov. 14 at 2 p.m. EST, this EdWeek Market Brief webinar will take a deep dive into that topic. I’ll be moderating the discussion, and I’ll be joined by two guests who know ESSA’s policy nuances and meaning: Reg Leichty, the founding partner of Foresight Law + Policy; and David DeSchryver, the director of Whiteboard Advisors.

Leichty and DeSchyver will be covering a spate of ESSA policies that are hugely important, but often overlooked by companies. These include ESSA provisions requiring that certain programs and interventions be “evidence-based”; how districts are spending money made available for ed-tech in other priorities through the Title IV grant program; changes in the law that loosen “supplement-not-supplant” spending requirements; implications for ed-tech spending in rural communities; and shifting district spending priorities in huge ESSA-authorized programs such as Title I and Title II.

Both our guests will be taking questions on these and other topics. It should be a great discussion, so don’t miss it. You can sign up here.

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