‘Share on Remind’ Feature Integrates Third-Party Content on Messaging Platform

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Remind, a messaging platform that allows teachers to communicate with students and parents via mobile devices, has announced a new feature that will let users share content from certain partner education companies.

The partners, which include content providers, multimedia production platforms, and assessment tools, will include a “Share on Remind” button linked to content, allowing educators to send out the third-party resources to whole classes or individual recipients through the Remind platform.

Brian Grey, Remind’s CEO, compared the process to Facebook or Twitter allowing outside apps to share content to their platforms.

Teachers can currently use Remind to post links or upload documents, but the new system allows teachers to share content in a way that’s “built into the workflow,” said Grey. A desire to make it easier for educators to share resources across platforms was a “large driver” in creating the new feature, he said.

The company, which reports 27 million monthly active users on the platform, sought out partners whose content teachers were already sharing frequently on Remind, said Grey. The first group includes PBS LearningMedia, Quizlet, Duolingo, Brilliant, Educents, Educreations, Flipgrid, Front Row, Kaizena, NearPod, Newsela, Quizizz, and Signup. Grey says that the company plans to expand the list of partners, and that partner companies are not paying for the distribution of their content. 

With a broad diversity of digital tools and instructional software available for classroom use, finding a way to integrate multiple learning platforms is a consistent challenge for educators. Many districts are now prioritizing interoperability, the ability of tools to easily exchange information and data. 

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