Wow! So Edthena. Many Teacher. Much Love.

I’ve recently come to understand how joyous it is to be focused on one of the most unattractive business models in education: mostly enterprise sales within the professional development segment of the market.

edthena dogeWhile the business model is repulsive to some, I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t actually believe in the idea that we should be helping teachers get better at teaching.

Unlike companies making (awesome) tools for teachers or platforms that make schools run more efficiently, Edthena is one of the few that focuses so specifically on how to help teachers get better at their jobs.

Further, while we leverage technology and are a technology company, we facilitate a very human process of coaching. This seems to resonate with those not involved in terms of meaningful ways one might help teachers get better.

Everyone had a teacher while in school. Most have a favorite teacher whose skill they’d like to see replicated for others. Many know a teacher personally as a parent, or relative, or friend.

And as a result, this has meant that people outside our company often want to participate in helping us be successful. It’s exciting to be involved in ideas that you can personally believe in.

So on the hard days or the stressed out days or the busy days that feel like they’ll never end, I can always return to the fact that we’re building something that people want to see come true in the world. 

In the wise words of Doge: Wow! So Edthena. Many Teacher. Much Love.

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