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EdWeek Market Brief will be at SXSWedu next week, sharing insights and data about the latest trends in the K-12 market and information on how to break into international educational markets.

In two separate briefings, we’ll feature proprietary research and expert perspectives on the K-12 demands for products and explore the opportunities in education markets around the world. Space is limited so sign up below.

In addition, EdWeek Market Brief Senior Editor Sean Cavanagh will moderate a panel discussion titled “The Future of the K-12 Industry” featuring Jack Lynch of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and another program called “Student Data: A Divider or a Unifier in Education?” with Kimberly Lane Clark, the director of blended learning from a Texas district; Robert Dillon, the director of innovation learning from a Missouri district, and Lynzi Ziegenhagen, the founder and CEO of Schoolzilla. [See details for these two events below.]

Briefing 1:  

Can’t Miss Trends in the U.S. K-12 Market
Join EdWeek Market Brief Executive Editor Kevin Bushweller for a review of the trends in the market that can make or break an education company. Featuring exclusive survey data and reporting from EdWeek Market Brief, the briefing will break down what is happening with state and local education spending, technology advances in schools, the surging demand for social-emotional learning products and services, the implications of artificial intelligence, educators’ growing appetite for data, how the Every Student Succeeds Act is shaping K-12 buying, and more.

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Briefing 2: 

Cracking International Markets: New Opportunities and Mistakes to Avoid
Join EdWeek Market Brief Senior Editor Sean Cavanagh for a look at how education companies of all sizes – from the biggest players in the market to startups—are moving aggressively to find K-12 buyers in foreign markets. There’s an opportunity for vendors—but also a tremendous risk if it’s not done right. In this briefing, EdWeek Market Brief highlights the upsides to working in markets like China, India, and the United Arab Emirates and pitfalls that companies need to avoid. The session will also examine common strategies for education companies to follow that will help them evaluate a foreign education market, and know if it’s right for them.

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K-12 Talk: 

Why Technology Is Not Transforming Teaching

Monday, March 4, 3-3:30 p.m., Hilton Austin Downtown, 500 E 4th Street, Salon C, 4th floor

In this session, EdWeek Market Brief Executive Editor Kevin Bushweller will give an interactive talk examining why teachers are far more likely to use technology to make their own jobs easier and to supplement traditional instructional strategies than to put students in control of their own learning. Research shows a handful of “early adopters” embrace innovative uses of new technology, while their colleagues make incremental or no changes to what they already do. Why is this the case? And what steps should schools take to fix it?


The Future of the K12 Industry

Wednesday, March 6, 12:30-1:30 p.m., Austin Convention Center Rooms 18ABC

Join Jack Lynch, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for a wide-ranging conversation centered on the current and future state of the K-12 education industry. We will discuss the development of classroom solutions for the 21st century and explore how the purposeful use of technology can support teachers and improve student outcomes. Leaving the buzzwords behind, they will offer a nuanced perspective that cuts through the noise and tackles the big issues shaping K-12 education.

Student Data: A Divider or a Unifier in Education?

Wednesday, March 6, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Austin Convention Center Rooms 11AB

A 2018 study found that 75 percent of teachers across the U.S. identified data-driven instruction as the top trend in how ed-tech is used in their schools. That’s up from 28 percent in 2017. Is that a good thing? How data is used in schools can build bridges or create bigger divides, between teachers and administrators, the community and schools, and between students and their futures. We examine how data can be used—and misused—and where educators and entrepreneurs should be cautious about data collection. Panelists are: Kimberly Lane Clark, the director of blended learning at the Lancaster Independent School District in Texas; Robert Dillon, the director of innovation learning at the School District of University City in Missouri, and Lynzi Ziegenhagen, the founder and CEO of Schoolzilla.

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